Casa Away From Home: Intercultural Research in Argentina

Anushree Bahatia

Anushree Bhatia '18  

Academic focus: psychology major, global business Nexus

Internship: Home Intercultural Learning-La Plata, Argentina: FICCI, research intern; ICS International

Study abroad: Maastricht Center European Studies, Netherlands;

Three years ago I made the decision to come to Mount Holyoke from India to pursue an international education. I consider that to be one of the best life decisions I've taken. At Mount Holyoke, I study Psychology and Global Business and plan to work as a researcher in the field of developmental psychology. This decision was influenced by the supportive professors around me and my passion for research.

In the summer of 2016, I worked as a teaching and research intern at Home Intercultural Learning, a small private language institute, in Argentina. I've always had a love for the Spanish Language and a desire to be able to learn it. Mount Holyoke gave me the opportunity to not only learn this language but experience the culture integrating it with my future goals.

My internship in Argentina gave me a direction, understanding of the Spanish language and Argentinian culture and, the chance to put my knowledge into practice. I am really thankful to Mount Holyoke for this experience.

On Campus, I'm involved in a diverse array of activities such as Residential life and MHC Raunak Bhangra, an Indian folk dance group.

The freedom to choose and pursue my passion motivates me to explore and challenge myself. The same freedom allowed me to intern abroad in Argentina this summer.