Sustainability Task Force

Students working on a restoration project

Acting President Sonya Stephens created the Sustainability Task Force in January 2017 as part of The Plan for Mount Holyoke 2021. In her announcement of the task force, Stephens highlighted the College’s commitment “to address climate change, evaluate current progress on sustainability, and identify future opportunities to pursue more progressive actions related to campus sustainability and our environmental curriculum.” She also underscored the connections between initiatives in diversity, equity and inclusion and environmental sustainability.


The task force was co-chaired by Catherine Corson, Leslie and Sarah Miller Director of the Miller Worley Center for the Environment, and Nancy Apple, director of Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability.

Representatives of faculty, staff and students from various departments and offices from across campus were divided into five working groups:

  1. Buildings, energy use and transportation
  2. Sustainable-food purchasing and dining operations
  3. Grounds and campus field research
  4. Sustainability education and awareness
  5. Communications

Each working group researched and assessed what the College is already doing well and identified potential improvements, including an analysis of the relative costs, benefits and funding requirements of each.


The task force met monthly over nine months and has made available a summary of its final report.

Taskforce Members


Catherine Corson, Leslie and Sarah Miller Director of the Miller Worley Center for the Environment 

Nancy Apple, director, Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability


Ann Blake ’85, Board of Trustees
Lenore Reilly, President’s Office
Gary Gillis, Dean of Faculty’s Office
Alexi Arango, faculty member
Kate Ballantine, faculty member
Naomi Darling, faculty member
Steven Dunn, faculty member
Timothy Farnham, faculty member
Alan Werner, faculty member
Leszek Bledzki, Research Associate
Stephen Taranto, Miller Worley Center
Catarina Costa, Admission
Kevin McCaffrey, Advancement
Dylan Wiley, Advancement
Danielle Lund, Alumnae Association
Doug Vanderpoel, Auxiliary Services
Tom Clark, Botanic Garden
Carly Kite, Communications and Marketing
Dale Hennessey, Dining Services
Rick Kroll, Dining Services
Rick Bigelow, Facilities Management
Paul Breen, Facilities Management
Mike Buckley, Facilities Management
Aaron Haessaert, Staff Council
Rachel Alldis, Student Life
Julia Opel ’18
Farah Rawas ’17
Shannon Seigal ’19
Katie Tyler ’17