Campus Living Laboratory Initiative

Students working on project stream

The Campus Living Laboratory Initiative (CLLI) advances discipline-specific and interdisciplinary place-based opportunities for learning, experimentation and demonstration in both the natural and built landscapes.

The Mount Holyoke campus offers:

  • a multi-faceted learning environment that allows deep engagement with its ecology, history, infrastructure systems and culture
  • exceptional opportunities within a diversity of ecosystems for year-round research, teaching, recreation and inspiration
  • a long history of use as an on-campus field station. Students and faculty need not go off campus for hands-on undergraduate research training, which is a strong advantage over many other higher education institutions.

Through coursework and independent research, students can study the complexity of diverse ecosystems and gain research experience in their own backyard. College faculty and students from more than two dozen courses currently carry out field studies and long-term water quality, climate, forest succession and wildlife research and monitoring projects around the campus.

Restoration Ecology Program

Image of students in the Restoration Ecology program
The era of restoration ecology is here — on campus — working to restore the health of the beloved MHC lake system, including its plant and animal life. Undergrads are digging in, designing experiments, answering questions, monitoring progress, and taking the lead in reversing ecosystem degradation and damage.