Sustainability Highlights

Green Revolving Fund
Providing funding to implement energy conservation, renewable energy and other sustainability projects that reduce resource use and generate cost savings.
This is a photograph of the Project River boardwalk, with bright fall foliage in the background.
Assistant Professor Kate Ballantine was recognized as an “Environmental Ground-Breaker” for her ecological restoration work.
Eco-Reps logo
These enthusiastic student sustainability educators focus on campus sustainability issues and hope to inspire fellow students to live more sustainably.
Kate Ballantine , with a group of students examining a soil sample on the Project Stream site.
More than 100 high school students spent the day at Mount Holyoke’s restoration ecology site, learning about the environment from the ground up.
Image of Field Gate and presidential seal.
Acting President announces new initiatives in the area of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as well as Campus and Global Environmental Sustainability.
Students on stairs near Kendade Hall
The College is committed to reducing our environmental footprint in areas such as energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, recycled materials and more.
Photo of Acting President Sonya Stephens and Paul Breen of Facilities Management
How will the new Community Center contribute to the College’s sustainability efforts? Watch the video.
Mount Holyoke College's Field Gates. Photo by Michael Malyszko
The College's investment firm has been given a directive to seek out substantial investments in economically attractive clean energy technologies.
Image of external view of community center
For fiscal year 2018, the college has committed $510,000 toward sustainability/energy efficiency projects.
Students on the campus of Mount Holyoke College. Photo by Michael Malyszko.
Through the Mass. College Green Initiative, Mount Holyoke is poised to save more than $580,000 with energy-efficiency projects in five campus buildings.
Mount Holyoke's Acting President, Sonya Stephens and Mount Holyoke staff at the tree planting.
A prairiefire crabapple tree was planted in recognition of Mount Holyoke College’s work for the community and commitment to environmental stewardship.