Study Abroad For Geography Majors

"If the last decade has taught us anything, it should have taught us that understanding the world around us is complicated. Global strife is driven by a nexus of political, cultural, economic, and environmental problems. Geography is the one discipline that has always attempted to integrate these perspectives." —Thomas L. Millette

The Departments of Geology and Geography encourage their majors to study abroad for a single semester, year or a summer. Our faculty will help students find programs that best fit their academic and personal goals.

Study Abroad

Where to study

Geography majors have the opportunity to study in a broad collection of settings that include Central and South America, Western Europe, Africa, Asia, and the always popular Australasia. Since much of the world outside the US has a deeper tradition of geography education at the university level, the curricular opportunities are nothing short of spectacular. 

For a list of where past and present Geography majors have studied and a summary of the courses that they took abroad, check this searchable database. Note that this is not a definitive list of what is possible and should serve only as a useful guide and planning resource.

  • Costa Rica: MHC/Goucher in Monteverde
  • Spain: CIEE Liberal Arts in Seville
  • New Zealand: Frontiers Geology, Victoria; Otago; Victoria (Arcadia); Canterbury
  • Brittain: St. Andrews (IFSA-Butler); LSE; Edinburgh; University Collee London, Cardiff University; King's College; Royal Holloway; Sussex (MHC Exchange); Kent (MHC Exchange)
  • France: MHC Montpellier

Summer Internships and Research Abroad

Funding is available through the Lynk Universal Application Form (UAF). For more details about internship opportunities and funding, please contact Kirk Lange, Director of International Experiential learning at the McCulloch Center.  

Next Steps

Students interested in exploring possibilities for learning abroad are encouraged to contact the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives.  Joanne Picard/her successor ( is the primary advisor for study abroad, and Kirk Lange ( can offer guidance on internships or research abroad.  Students should also consult with their advisor about how they can best connect and integrate learning abroad with their work in the major.