Vanessa Rodriguez ’18, a first-generation college student, spent her spring semester junior year in Spain, where she studied journalism, practiced her Spanish and worked in an impoverished community.
A Mount Holyoke senior finds study abroad brings her back home with a mission: to work with her Latinx community.
David Hernández
Immigration policy expert David Hernández calls for immigration detention practices to be scrapped.
Andrea Hernandez ’19 has won two honors for civic engagement this spring: the Newman Civic and Cultural Vistas fellowships.
Andrea Hernandez ’19 joins a national cohort of community leaders with a vision to improve the world.
Image of Mead Hall.
Residence hall floors dedicated for students interested in French and Spanish offer students community, language learning, and cultural immersion.
Maddy Skrak, spreading her wings at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst
A Mount Holyoke senior reflects on her journey to her major and the critical thinking skills she acquired along the way.
David Hernández, Latina/o Studies
Immigration policy expert David Hernández spoke about how detention and incarceration rates have tripled because of legislation signed two decades ago.
Vanessa Rosa
“Sharing the classroom with Mount Holyoke students and getting to know them around campus has been a gift and transformed me as a teacher and a scholar.”
Photo of Maria Correa and Spanish Language Floor residents
She shares her responsibilities, challenges, and positive outcomes of mentoring a student community--and how it relates to her future career.
Rescinding immigration policy would make life harder for immigrant families and communities, says Hernández.