Raquel Andrea González Madrigal

Mount Holyoke Fellow and Visiting Lecturer in Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies
Critical Latinx/Indigeneities, critical ethnic studies and critical Indigenous studies

Raquel Andrea González Madrigal is a visiting lecturer and Consortium for Faculty Diversity (CFD) postdoctoral fellow at Mount Holyoke College. Her research focuses on examining the U.S.-Mexico border as a settler colonial and imperial phenomenon, and the relational tensions between and among undocumented im/migrant rights and Indigenous struggles for sovereignty. While teaching courses relevant within and to Latina/o studies, González Madrigal's areas of research and teaching also include: critical and comparative ethnic studies, critical Indigenous studies, women of color feminisms, queer of color critique, neoliberalism, and visual culture.

Recent Publications

Madrigal, R. A. Gonzalez (September 25, 2020). “Critical Relationalities: Centering Native Activism and Reframing Im/migration Struggles.” The Latinx Project Annual Conference: Latinx Politics: Resistance, Disruption, and Power. 

Madrigal, R. A. Gonzalez (September 29, 2020). Critical Relationalities: Centering Native Activism and Reframing Im/migration Struggles. Intervenxions, an online publication of The Latinx Project at New York University. https://www.latinxproject.nyu.edu/intervenxions/critical-relationalities-centering-native-activism-and-reframing-immigration-struggles

Recent Honors

Selected to participate in College of the Holy Cross’s Emerging Scholars: Ethics in Practice speaker series. Her talk was titled Critical Relationalities: Reframing the U.S.-Mexico Border and Im/migration Struggles. (2020)