Abhilash Medhi

Assistant Professor of History
Borderlands, capitalism, indigenous histories, spatial theory, historiography

Abhilash Medhi is a historian of modern South Asia, with interest in the comparative histories of 19th and 20th century colonialism. His work focuses on colonial governance and capitalist expansion in the two extremities of the Indian subcontinent, the Indo-Afghan borderlands and northeast India. Medhi has undertaken policy research in Afghanistan in a previous avatar and still maintains links with development organizations in the country. In the classroom, as in his research, he brings a political-economic perspective to the reading of social and cultural histories.

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Recent Publications

Medhi, A. (2020). Infrastructural Contingencies and Contingent Sovereignties on the Indo–Afghan Frontier. Modern Asian Studies, 1-38. doi:10.1017/s0026749x19000015