Melody Su

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Computer vision, haptics, (medical) robotics, bilateral teleoperation, image segmentation, 3D reconstruction

Yun-Hsuan (Melody) Su is highly interested in exploring methods to improve robotic teleoperation experience by integrating computer vision and AI algorithms to provide vision-based haptic feedback. Melody has a background in surgical robotics. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking and skin diving. She is passionate about outreach STEM programs and has been closely involved in IEEE TryEngineering, and multiple summer robotics camps. She is always excited to brainstorm and exchange ideas with any interested students or colleagues about robotics and AI.

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Recent Grants

Received a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for her project CRII: RI: RUI: Generating Haptics in Telerobotics through Perception Complementarities during Physical Distancing. The project is for two years. 

Award number: 2101107 

Recent Publications

Huang, K.; Chitrakar, D.; Jiang, W. & Su, Y.H. (2021). Enhanced U-Net Tool Segmentation Using Hybrid Coordinate Representations of Endoscopic Images. 2021 International Symposium On Medical Robotics (ISMR) 

Su, Y.H.; Jiang, W.; Chitrakar, D.; Huang, K.; Peng, H.; Hannaford, B. Local Style Preservation in Improved GAN-Driven Synthetic Image Generation for Endoscopic Tool Segmentation. Sensors 2021, 21, 5163.

Su, Y.H., Huang, K., & Hannaford, B. (2021). Multicamera 3D Viewpoint Adjustment for Robotic Surgery via Deep Reinforcement Learning. Journal of Medical Robotics Research (2021): 2140003.

Su, Y.H., Huang, K., & Hannaford, B. (2020). Multicamera 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Surgical Cavities: Autonomous Optimal Camera Viewpoint Adjustment. 2020 International Symposium On Medical Robotics (ISMR)  

Su, Y.H., Sosnovskaya, Y., Hannaford, B., & Huang, K. (2020). Securing Robot-assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery through Perception Complementarities. 2020 Fourth IEEE International Conference On Robotic Computing (IRC)  

Recent Honors

Melody Su continues her strong medical robotics research connections with UW, RIT, JHU and Trinity College. With the recent renovation completion of her new Intelligent Medical Robotics (IMeRo) research lab, she recruited eight Mount Holyoke research students to participate in her ongoing medical robotics research projects.