Anna Daily

Visiting Lecturer in Politics
Identity politics with a focus on gender, race, and disability; the politics of madness and mental health/illness, citizenship, democratic theory, intersectional feminist theory, and power

Anna Daily is a political theorist interested in how formal institutions and social practices affect the lived experiences of groups in democratic societies and how groups work to alter those societies. Her current research lies at the intersection of democratic theory, feminist theory, and disability studies. Her book manuscript, Power and the Politics of Madness, develops a foundational politics of madness, which details the discursive and material barriers that prevent the Mad (commonly called ‘the mentally ill’) from forming a political group in contemporary democratic society with the aim to transform those barriers. Daily draws on democratic theory, feminist theory, critical race theory, disability studies, philosophy, and sociology to argue that the Mad have unique political interests and that their position in those societies is complicated at the intersections of madness with gender, race, and class.