File cleanup and Drupal down time

Drupal editors,

Thank you for all your effort in helping us clean thousands of outdated
files off the website.

We have gone through the feedback we received about file cleanup from a
couple weeks ago, and have accounted for all the missing files you
reported. We set the test up again on dtest this morning, with a copy of
the live website from last night just after midnight.

Spring Cleaning on the Website (Part 1)

Drupal Editors,

The College Web Team is doing some spring cleaning on the website, and we
are asking for a little help from the editors to make sure we’re not
breaking things in the process.

We have several thousand unused PDFs (and MS Word docs and other files),
mostly old versions of current things, cluttering up our disk space and our
search results. If they are truly not being used, we would like to move
them to a backup and get them off the live website around the beginning of

We set up a test site, and need some help making sure we didn’t remove
too much.

Website Changes to Department Contact Info, Social Media, and Office Hours

Drupal Editors,

We’ve been working on standardizing the way we organize and present
departments’ contact information, social media links, and office hours,
and are finally ready to show something off.

Previously, the person who maintained your department website has not had
permission to change anything about the contact info on the website, but
there were alternative (and often confusing) methods of showing social
media links and office hours.

Website outage 3/23/2016

Dear Drupal editors,

A small routine update around 1:40 this afternoon (Wednesday, 3/23) got
tangled with a problem in the database, and resulted in the main College
website being slow or completely unresponsive for about an hour while we
identified the nature of the problem and reinstated the site from a clean

We believe we have also restored all the edits between that last backup and
the site going down, but we recommend you check any changes you made after
noon to make sure they are still present.

Video Update

The Drupal update released last week that caused a conflict with our video
embed field has been corrected. The ability to add new or edit videos in
the video or video gallery content types has been restored.

-The College Web Team


Hello Drupal Users,

A Drupal update released this week that corrects a security flaw is causing
a conflict with our video embed field, which is preventing the publication
of new videos to the website. Previously published videos continue to work,
but users wishing to add new or edit videos in the embed, video or video
gallery content types should write to Web Help while we explore a

The College Web Team