Mount Holyoke College Tour - Accessible Transcript

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Big thoughts, high energy, powerful opportunities . . . Mount Holyoke is a community of women from all over the globe who are going places. It's where tomorrow's leaders start making a name for themselves. Come explore.


Top right (slide show for Living Here)

  1. A view from the balcony on the second floor the recently renovated Blanchard Campus Center: students in the café below, student organization offices above.
  2. The blur of a bicyclist riding past groups of students on a path alongside Skinner Green, with the clock tower of Mary Lyon Hall in the distance.
  3. Morning mist silhouettes a single student walking along a leaf-covered path.
  4. Looking out of a second-story leaded-glass window in autumn at a nearby residence hall covered with red ivy.
  5. The inside of the library's reading room; its vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows are examples of Mount Holyoke's gothic architecture.
  6. Students walking the path leading to Clapp Laboratory, which is the largest science building.
  7. Students gather at a picnic table at a community picnic on a sunny afternoon.
  8. An aerial view of the Connecticut River valley in summer.
  9. Students walk the sacred labyrinth by candlelight inside the Interfaith Sanctuary adjacent to Abbey Chapel.
  10. An exterior view of Blanchard Campus Center's Great Room, a large rotunda where students gather for meals and performances. Fog-covered Prospect Hill is visible in the distance.

Middle right (graphic for Where We Are)

Bottom right (photo for Learning)

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