Think for yourself. That's the goal of a Mount Holyoke education. You supply the passion; we'll supply a learning environment that's innovative and challenging. You'll get a broad education that emphasizes critical thinking and have the flexibility to dig into what really interests you.


Top right (slide show for Learning)

  1. A student discusses research during office hours with Professor Lois Brown.
  2. Peering into a faculty member's office during a one-on-one meeting with a student.
  3. Student dancers costumed in T-shirts and pants perform a piece choreographed by faculty member Terese Freedman on a brightly lit blue stage.
  4. Professor of Politics Kavita Khory makes her point while writing on the blackboard.
  5. Two students engaged in an intimate seminar discussion with President Joanne Creighton in her living room.
  6. Professor Darby Dyar and a student look closely at mineral samples.
  7. Inside the busy Information Commons, a hub for the community's technology needs.
  8. Professor Sean Decatur and a student do lab research on amino acids.
  9. Students and faculty in the glass-walled meeting room located above the Kendade Hall atrium.
  10. Students gather to study in the expansive interior of the library's reading room.

Top middle

A student wearing headphones looks down intently as she writes.

Top right

A student works in the Decatur lab, surrounded by glass bottles and vials.

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