Living Here: Residence Halls

Whether you want a bay window or a balcony, MHC has a "res" hall to suit your style. You'll live with members of all four classes and--as our alumnae can attest--develop friendships that last a lifetime.

Grid of photos

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  1. The snowy exterior of Brigham Hall, built in 1897.
  2. A student stops to chat with professor Jeremy King and his dog, Ziggy.
  3. Three friends and roommates stop to pose and smile for our photographer.
  4. The busy front porch of a residence hall serves as an impromptu gathering place.
  5. The new mailroom in Blanchard Campus Center is a popular destination at all times of the day.
  6. Looking up at the modern Ham Hall.
    (Audio) "There are also plenty of workshops offered. In our dorm this year there's been several J-Term workshops. There's a car maintenance workshop and I don't know anything about cars so I'm going to that on Saturday. You can learn how to develop a Web site. There's so many workshops."
  7. One student's res hall study corner, complete with plants on the sunny windowsill.
  8. A student happily indulges in an enormous bowl of popcorn during a break at a student event planning meeting.
  9. A student works at a laptop in her res hall room. This room is set-up with bunk beds.
  10. A gothic-style staircase leads up to a bay window of leaded glass.
  11. The ivy covered "Rockies" res hall on a perfect spring day.
  12. Some roommates enjoy quietly studying together: one at a desk, the other on her bed.
  13. Two students chat in a modern dorm room with a built-in window seat.
  14. Two friends engage in a lively discussion on their res hall's living room sofa.
  15. Bathrooms include individual hooks and shelves for each student.

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