New SIS Positions to Advance SIS Implementation and Management

  (Left to right) Michael Jewett, SIS project manager; Monica Augustin, director of enrollment systems and registrar; and Gerald S. Campion, SIS database administrator, will work together to implement the College's new student information system. Augustin and Campion will manage the system once implementation is completed.

In the next step of the College's student information system project, Mount Holyoke has created two new positions to support the implementation of the new CARS system and to manage it once implementation is completed, projected to be sometime in 2002. College registrar Monica Augustin has been named director of enrollment systems and registrar. While Augustin focuses on management, policy, and research as registrar, Faye Lozowski, who was recently appointed associate registrar (see story on page three), will oversee the day-to-day operations of the registrar's office. Augustin will continue to be available to students, faculty, and administrative staff.

Although her role as director of enrollment systems is evolving, in general terms, her job will be to act as a “very visible conduit” between SIS users and the “technical side of SIS,” she says. Staff training and support, as well as systems applications and data analysis, will be components of her position. She describes herself as “a nontechnical person who understands the basic needs of managers using student systems.” Augustin will “work toward making the best resources available to these users,” she says. She notes that the model of having a registrar wear an enrollment systems hat began emerging in the late 1990s, as colleges were faced with Y2K automation. Columbia University, for example, has a registrar working in a position such as Augustin's.

Alumna Named Associate Registrar

Faye Lozowski, a 1999 graduate of the College, has been named associate registrar as part of a restructuring of the registrar's office precipitated by Monica Augustin's expanded role as director of enrollment systems. She will oversee the daily operation of the registrar's office and will also be responsible for the Web catalogue and degree audit. “Faye is a wonderful asset to our office. She was the registrar at MGH Institute of Health Professions, which provided her with a working knowledge of a registrar's office. She also is knowledgeable about how to use various query tools. I feel very fortunate that she is on board.”
As a senior, Lozowski got her feet wet in the area of institutional research in the office of Vice President for Enrollment and College Relations Jane Brown. Says Brown, “I am delighted that Faye has returned to MHC. She brings a level of expertise and enthusiasm that will significantly enhance our ability to serve students and faculty.”

The English/anthropology double major also worked with Cate Rowen, institutional research coordinator, conducting research relating to the SATs. Immediately after graduation, she accepted a position as admissions coordinator at the MGH Institute of Health Professions (affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital and Partners HealthCare Systems) in Boston. The institute, a graduate school offering masters and postgraduate certificate programs in nursing, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, and clinical investigation, has a student body of more than 500 students. Within three months, Lozowski was promoted to registrar and manager of institutional research. It did not take her long to bring the office to a level of compliance and functionality that had not existed before. Says Lozowski, “I learned a great deal during my time at the institute, and I will miss the students and faculty. I am very excited to become MHC's associate registrar. Monica Augustin is a woman whom I admire very much, on so many different levels. Her vision with respect to service and new technologies is incredible, as is her commitment to the College, and her sense of humor is right up my alley. I know that we will make a great team.”

In both her roles, Augustin will work toward “empowering students, faculty, and staff by providing them with direct access to academic information and the best service possible, through the use of technology, while always ensuring security and integrity of the data,” she says.

This is not Augustin's first foray into enrollment systems initiatives. While the university registrar at the College of William and Mary, she was a part of a team that designed and implemented an online registration system, as well as Web resources used by the college community to access data maintained by the registrar's office. Among her first actions in her new MHC position will be to establish an advisory committee of SIS users. She will work closely with this group throughout the implementation process of the new system and then will consider new initiatives and ongoing operations relating to SIS in the years ahead.

The other new position is also being assumed by a current Mount Holyoke staff member. Gerald S. Campion will retain some of his current duties as system administrator and programmer/analyst, continuing to provide technical support for the AS400 system used by alumnae/development, payroll, and human resources, but has take on new responsibilities as SIS database administrator. In his new position, he will be responsible for providing technical and database support in the implementation and use of the new SIS. Campion traveled to Cincinnati for part of January and early February to receive specialized training from software provider CARS and is “looking forward to the challenges of [his] new position.”

In their new roles, Augustin and Campion will work closely with Michael Jewett, SIS project manager, who will remain in that role until SIS implementation is completed. Says Jewett, “Both Monica and Gerry have excellent credentials for their respective positions. The fact that they already understand the Mount Holyoke organization and culture is an extremely valuable bonus for the SIS project.” Adds Jane Brown, vice president for enrollment and College relations, “By creating these two positions and combining enrollment systems with the position of registrar, MHC has established an innovative model, in much the same way that the College did when creating LITS, to respond to the rapidly expanding role of technology in the life of the College. Monica and Gerry will work closely with the SIS implementation team to meet the College's goals for our exciting new Web-based services, state-of-the-art reporting services, and functional support of the various offices engaged in admission, student records, and student services. We anticipate a very successful partnership.” Augustin will report to Brown, while Campion will report to Madeline Carnevale, director of desktop technologies.

Admission, student records, student billing, financial assistance, residential life, and student activities will utilize the CARS SIS system, which will interface with the College's financial, payroll, human resources, and alumnae/development systems. Some of the new student information system's most prominent capabilities are online application, registration, and degree audit; admission tracking and communications support; the ability for faculty to call up class lists, submit grades, and check advisee transcripts; and ready access for faculty and staff users to the student data needed to do their work. Learn more about the SIS project at



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