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April 4 , 2003

Front-Page News

Rule of Law Assistant Professor of Philosophy James Harold asks an important question about the war in Iraq in an op-ed piece titled “Here’s Why the War Against Iraq Is Fundamentally Flawed,” which appeared in the
March 25 Chicago Tribune. Suppose “that loss of life on both sides is minimal and that peace and stability in Iraq are achieved within weeks,” Harold asks. “Would there then be anything wrong with this war?” According to Harold, even given the best possible outcome to the current conflict, the United States has set a dangerous precedent in the way it went about undertaking the attack on Iraq. “The principle forbidding war as a tool of foreign policy stands as the centerpiece of virtually every international agreement,” Harold concludes. “The future not just of the UN as a body but of real international cooperation of any kind depends on not allowing ourselves to think of war in cost/benefit terms. In coming to think of war as just another strategy for resolving conflicts, we undermine the rule of law and we lose track of the moral principles on which that rule depends. And such a loss is not a mere cost to be factored into one’s calculations—it is beyond price.”

Live from South Hadley
What’s on the minds of America’s college students? To answer that question, the Chicago Tribune asked sixteen Chicago-reared students, including MHC’s Shannon Winston-Dolan ’03, to write an essay on a subject “that was animating the dormitory and cafeteria chatter on their campuses.” Winston-Dolan’s contribution, which ran under the headline “War: What Is It Good For? Peace Signs Are Popping Up All Over,” was included in “Reporting Live from Campus,” the cover story in the March 23 issue of the Chicago Tribune Magazine. In her essay, written before the U.S. launched its attack on Iraq, Winston-Dolan reports that the majority of the campus opposed a preemptive war, and describes her own participation in a peace rally in New York. “When I asked students on campus for their reactions to an impending war, many said it was much too brutal a solution for a very complicated problem,” she writes. She acknowledges that some students support President Bush’s decision to go to war, and adds that “the issue of women and the draft is a particularly interesting one at a women’s college. When I asked students whether, if the draft were reinstated, women should be drafted, everyone responded yes.”

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