Mount Holyoke Seniors to Be a Part of New International Women's University Based in Germany

Margaret Fredricks '00, Brandie Ishcomer '00, Kathleen Radloff '00, and Claudia Ricaldez '00 will graduate from MHC in a matter of days, but their days of higher education in a setting devoted to women are not numbered. Beginning in July, the four soon-to-be MHC alumnae will be part of the International Women's University (IFU), an innovative new program based in Hannover, Germany. Fredricks and Ishcomer won scholarships to attend the program.
Between July 15 and October 15, IFU, the first and only gender-specific university of its kind in Europe, will offer 900 female students from all over the world the opportunity to participate in a new postgraduate research and study program. For its inaugural year (2000 & 2001), the university received 1,500 applications from 130 countries.
IFU will be interdisciplinary in scope and methodology of academic work, and intercultural across political borders and ethnic and religious divides. Under the overall theme of "Technology and Culture" during its first semester, IFU will offer postgraduate studies in six project areas--Body, City, Information, Migration, Water, and Work. A women's network will be established for an exchange of ideas and knowledge among ifu alumnae, and there are plans for a modified "virtual" university.
Ishcomer '00, a double major in German studies and Central European history and politics who spent her junior year at the University of Bonn, will focus on the Body project, "On the Traces of the Body in a Technogenic World." She hopes to pursue work in the area of social justice in the future. Ricaldez, an economics major and German studies minor with a special interest in immigration issues, will participate in "Women, Identities, and Systems in Transit," the Migration project. Ricaldez took her first trip to Berlin this March with the German 325 seminar and can't wait to go back to Germany. She hopes to work in the area of immigration upon finishing the
Margaret Fredricks '00 and Kathleen Radloff '00 will both be immersed in the Water project, which is right up Radloff's alley. A chemistry major, she recently completed her thesis, for which she analyzed pesticides found in water. She will also have the opportunity to visit her many relatives who live in Germany. Fredricks, a double major in chemistry and German studies who spent her junior year at the University of Heidelberg, will complete the IFU program and continue her studies at the University of Munich on a DAAD scholarship (see article in this issue).
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(Left to right) Seniors Brandie Ishcomer, Claudia Ricaldez (shown here), Margaret Fredricks '00, and Kathleen Radloff '00 will attend the new International Women's University in Germany beginning in July.
Photograph by Fred LeBlanc