A Healthful Environment Each year, in accordance with the 1989 Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, Mount Holyoke must inform the campus community of its policy on drugs and alcohol. In addition to complying with federal law, the College hopes to create a more healthful environment by preventing the use of illegal drugs and abuse of alcohol within the College community.
The Mount Holyoke Policy on Alcohol and Drug-Free Environment prohibits the unlawful manufacture, possession, use, dispensation, or distribution of alcohol and illicit drugs by any member of the faculty, staff, or student body on College property or at any College-sponsored
function, on- or off-campus. Any faculty or staff member or student who violates this policy faces disciplinary action up to and including expulsion or dismissal from the College and/or may be required to enroll in a substance abuse counseling and/or treatment program at his or her own expense, as a condition of continuing employment or enrollment at the College. Anyone violating federal, state, or local laws relating to alcohol or drug use also risks fines and imprisonment.
Individuals may obtain information packets, including the complete policy statement and disciplinary sanctions, a summary of local, state, and federal drug enforcement laws, a reference guide on the uses and effects of alcohol and other drugs, and a resource guide to
area facilities offering counseling services. These packets are available from the dean of the faculty's office, the health center, the human resources department, and the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Project. Copies are also on reserve at the library. Specific rules and regulations governing alcohol consumption and violations of College policies are outlined in the student handbook, staff handbook, and the handbook of faculty legislation.

Exercise Alternatives While Kendall is closed for renovations, MHC faculty and staff may utilize the sports/exercise facilities (weight/conditioning rooms and squash/racquetball courts) at both Smith and Amherst Colleges. College employees using these facilities must

adhere to all policies and regulations surrounding the use of these facilities at Smith and Amherst. To gain access to the Smith facilities, employees must show their MHC ID card at the check-in center of the sports facility. Those choosing to use the Amherst facility must obtain a special ID card, which can be done between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm from the Amherst College athletic office. This agreement is in effect until September 1.