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May 23, 2003

Front-Page News

Keep It Simple "You Call This Tax Relief? I Don't," an essay by John Fox, was published in the "Outlook" section of the May 18 Washington Post. Fox, a visiting lecturer in complex organizations at MHC, points out inequities in Congress's approach to the "monstrously complex" tax code that penalize lower-income citizens while rewarding the well-off. "The war in Congress is over how many hundreds of billions in tax cuts should be adopted—not whether any tax cut at all makes sense. Our lawmakers are fully united in one respect, though: Under no circumstances will they gather the political courage to fight the war to give Americans what they really deserve—a reasonably simple, fair and economically sound income tax. It is as though Congress suffers from what I call SARTS (Self-serving Avoidance of Reasonable Tax Simplification) syndrome." Fox contrasts the burdens on two taxpayers, a single woman making $11,000 a year and a married couple who make $80,000, as an example of how "the law abounds with so many incongruities, contradictions and absurdities that it defies reasonable predictions of who will end up paying what." The entire article can be read online at

Contribution to the Town
On May 13, the Republican reported on a contribution the College is making to South Hadley in this difficult fiscal year for Massachusetts cities and towns. The contribution was reported to town meeting members by town leaders May 10. The following is an excerpt from reporter Sandy Constantine's story: "Mount Holyoke College has agreed to donate $25,000 to the town's stabilization fund, the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator Patricia A. Vinchesi reported at Saturday's annual Town Meeting. A joint news release from selectmen and Vinchesi provided the details of the gift, noting that for the past 2 1/2 years, they have met with Mount Holyoke College officials to share information and discuss issues of mutual concern. 'These meetings have been extremely informative and have helped educate both parties on the issues and challenges of their respective constituencies,' the release stated. 'A large part of our recent discussion has centered on the town's budget cuts and Mount Holyoke's interest and desire to assist us during this difficult period.' The news release stated: 'This voluntary act on the part of the college speaks volumes to the cooperative working
relationship we have with Mount Holyoke and its supportive and continuing interest in our community.' The release went on to thank President Joanne V. Creighton; Mary Jo Maydew, college vice president for finance and administration; and Kevin McCaffrey, college associate director of communications."

On the Job
Scott C. Brown, director of the Career Development Center, Christine S. Karoczkai '03, Lindsay E Theile '04, and Molly Gower '04 spoke to News 40 correspondent Jade McCarthy '02 for a story that aired May 7. Her piece focused on searching for jobs and internships in today's economy. Brown told McCarthy, "We help students figure out what they want, how to directly connect their backgrounds with the needs of an organization, and connect them with key resources, people, and opportunities."

Flowers for Mom, a Tie for Dad Research by Nicole Gilbert '99, a graduate student in the College's psychology and education department, was reported on in the National Post of Canada on May 10 and the Chicago Sun-Tribune on May 11. Gilbert is the author of a study comparing Mother's Day with Father's Day and examining how the two holidays tend to reaffirm traditional gender roles. An article by Chris Lackner titled "Mother's Day a Letdown: Study," reported, "Most mothers report feeling disappointment on Mother's Day, despite receiving more attention than fathers do on Father's Day, a new study has found. 'Mothers have higher expectations of how the day should go,' said Nicole Gilbert . . . . 'Fathers don't have expectations and are less likely to be disappointed.'" Gilbert "also found even those couples who expressed egalitarian ideas on gender roles in marriage embraced traditional stereotypes when it came to their celebrations. 'There's a difference in belief and [action],' she said." Gilbert was also interviewed during a live radio program on CFRB, an AM station in Toronto, May 12.

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