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September 6, 2002


Chemistry Coup Teraya Donaldson '02 (who works with Sean Decatur, associate professor of chemistry); Piwai Dakwa '04 and Mamle Quarmyne '03 (who work with Wei Chen, Mary E. Woolley Assistant Professor of Chemistry); and Kathryn McMenimen '03 (who works with Darren Hamilton, Mary E. Woolley Assistant Professor of Chemistry) gave poster presentations of their research at the American Chemical Society (ACS) national meeting in Boston August 18–22. Quarmyne's presentation, titled "Adsorption of Poly(vinyl alcohol) to Surface Modify Polymers" was named one of the six best posters by ACS's colloid and surface division, and she received a prize of $250. The award was based on the scientific merit and overall impact of the research and the quality of the presentation, but not the background of the presenters. Most of the presenters were professors, scientists from national laboratories and industry, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students. Decatur believes that Quarmyne is the first undergraduate to win this award. Says Chen, "Two of the manuscripts that I recently submitted to leading journals in the field have significant contributions from Mamle's work. Her research also partially contributes to a patent that was filed this summer. Mamle has done a superb job both in the classroom and on her research project. I have been very impressed with her."

Summer Science On July 26, fifteen students gathered in Dwight Hall to share the results of experiments they conducted this summer with support from the National Science Foundation, the Cascade Mentoring Summer Research Program, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Summer Program. Divya Mathur '03, "special student" Beatrice Tapawan, and Paejonette Jacobs '04 presented experiments conducted with Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Craig Woodard on the developmental role of steroid hormones in the fruit fly. Ruanjia Hu '05 and Petya Radoeva '03, who worked with Professor of Psychology and Education Joseph Cohen and Paul Corballis of Dartmouth College's Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, discussed a study of perception and visually guided action in a split-brain patient. Rachael Bonawitz '05 shared an experiment supervised by Professor of Biological Sciences Stan Rachootin on a population of marine snails infected by parasitic flatworms. Smita Gopinath '05 explained a study supervised by Woodard and Rachootin on the heredity system of the blue mussel. Suprawee Tepsuporn '05 presented a study supervised by Sharon Stranford, Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, on the immune responses of two strains of mice to the MuLV virus. Caroline Albertin '05 and Amber Hayden '05 presented a poster on their investigation supervised by Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Jeffrey Knight of the effectiveness of Crest toothpaste and Listerine and Scope mouthwash in fighting oral bacteria. Kathryn McKain '05 described a study supervised by Rachootin of tardigrades, terrestrial organisms with unique evolutionary adaptations. Irene Nyavor '05 presented a study supervised by Rachootin and Woodard designed to classify and compare the freshwater and marine Collembola. Holly Parkis '05 and Clarissa Sabella '05 discussed a study supervised by Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Amy Frary on using random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis to distinguish types of elm trees. Yashawswi Shrestha '05 presented a study supervised by Knight on microorganisms in various water sources in the Pioneer Valley.

In the Swim of Things The College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) has awarded MHC's 2002–2003 swimming team its All-America Swimming Team Award. The award is given every year to teams across the country based on the team's cumulative GPA by semester.

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