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September 10, 2004


Public Safety
1. Fire Safety Notice If there is a fire in a residence hall or an academic building, dial 1-911 and pull the fire alarm. Use the stairs but never the elevator; walk quickly but do not run. Never go back into a building unless told to do so by the fire department or public safety.

2. Safety Escorts Public Safety will provide escorts to one or two students via foot, bicycle, or cruiser patrol from campus parking lots or academic buildings to your residence hall from 12:30 to 6 am. In order to maintain patrol and incident response levels, transportation will not be provided from one residence hall to another.

3. Unwanted Intrusions In the warmer weather, people may be tempted to leave their windows open. Especially with ground-floor and basement rooms, the possibility of unwanted intrusion or theft is very high with unlocked windows. Whenever members of the community leave their rooms or offices, and at night, they should make sure that the windows are closed and locked securely. If window locks are not in place, or are not functioning properly, please call facilities management to have the locks replaced as soon as possible. Notify Public Safety of any security or safety issues. Always take your keys and your One Card with you whenever you leave your room. See more safety information at

4. Improper Use of Fire Escapes Students are not allowed to be out on fire escapes except to escape from fires. Several students have been injured as a result of using the fire escapes as a means of getting from one room to another or for sunning themselves. No one should use fire escapes except for emergencies.

5. Moving In Students are reminded to be especially watchful when moving items into their room. Do not leave rooms or cars unattended or unlocked when moving in. Larcenies occur when items are left unattended. Also, do not leave valuables like computers, stereos, etc., in vehicles overnight and avoid leaving belongings visible in an unattended vehicle.

6. Fleet Classes Groups should plan ahead if they will need fleet vehicles. Only drivers who have completed a fleet class and have submitted a copy of their driver history will be allowed to operate vehicles. This can take as long as six weeks. Call the fleet office at x2826 to find out more.

7. Emergency Phones There are 19 emergency phones on campus, which can be identified by the blue light above them. When the receiver is lifted, a signal is sent directly to the Public Safety Dispatcher who will send an officer to that location (with the exception of the Canoe House phone where it is necessary to dial X2304). These are listed in the Safe & Sound booklet and at

8. Access Phones Each residence hall has an access phone near the main entrance. This phone is for the use of students, staff, faculty, and guests to contact residents to arrange for access to the hall.

9. Parking All vehicles parked on campus must be registered with the parking office. From their arrival on campus at the end of the summer, students should be parked in student lots and employees should be parked in employee lots. Public Safety will be strictly enforcing parking rules and regulations and is requesting the cooperation of the entire campus community. Copies of the rules and regulations are available in the parking office in central services as well as If you have questions about parking, call the parking office at X2514.

10. Public Safety Online Information Center Information about safety on campus, safety alerts and incident logs, crime statistics, helpful hints on crime prevention and vehicle breakdown prevention, parking, bicycle registration, Public Safety events, and more are available at We are continually updating our site, including links to other references so check in frequently.

11. Public Safety Workshops Public Safety officers are available to departments, groups, and residence halls for workshops on topics such as self defense, sexual assault awareness, alcohol and drugs, etc. If you would like to schedule a workshop, contact the Public Safety office at x2304 or visit

12. Public Safety Logs Public Safety provides logs to the Mount Holyoke News each week, which are also at These logs are compiled from reports that are taken as a result of incidents that occur on campus. Logs of every call public safety responds to each day are posted outside the public safety office.

13. Safe & Sound Booklets In accordance with federal and state laws, Public Safety has distributed campus crime statistics in our Safe & Sound booklet to each student mailbox and to department offices for faculty and staff. Additional copies are available at the Public Safety office for any student, faculty, or staff member who did not receive a copy. This publication is also available online. Additional statistical information about campus incidents and services is also available at

14. Directory Assistance For on-campus directory assistance, dial 0. For off-campus directory assistance, members of the community may dial 9-411.

15. Mobility Issues If you have limited mobility and may need access to services such as emergency evacuation during a fire, etc., please contact Paul Ominsky, Public Safety’s disability coordinator, at x2304 or Other offices cannot always share this information with our office, so contact us to be sure we can provide what you need. For transportation, contact the health center, which can issue you a pass for disability transportation services. Our Web site has more information for students with mobility issues.

Glee Club and Concert Choir (Class of 2008) Auditions
Auditions are held throughout Orientation Week. Concerts are with men’s choral groups and orchestra, including Christmas Vespers in New York City. Great music, great fun! Students should sign up for an audition appointment on the bulletin board across from the music office.

Performance Study and Ensemble Auditions
All students who have not previously taken music lessons at Mount Holyoke and wish to enroll in individual performance study, String Chamber Music, Jazz Ensembles, Klezmer Band, or Flute Choir must come for an audition/interview on Friday September 10. Students should sign up for an audition appointment on the bulletin board across from the music office.

Music 100 Exemption Exam
The Music 100 Exemption Exam will be given Friday, September 10, and Monday September 13 at 4 pm, Room 109, Pratt Hall. Students may enroll initially in performance studies without prerequisite, but continued study after the initial semester is dependent on enrollment in or exemption from Music 100.

Grant-in-Aid for private instruction is available for students who receive financial aid from the College. Applications are available in the music office and must be submitted by the deadline, Friday, September 10, at 4 pm. Students must apply every semester for Grant-in-Aid. Applications are available in the music office or at

Flute Choir
The first meeting of Flute Choir will take place on Thursday, September 16, 5:30–7 pm in the Warbeke Room, Pratt Hall. All flutists are welcome! For more information, email Alison Hale at

Klezmer Band
The first meeting of Klezmer Band will take place on Tuesday, September 14, at 6:30 pm in Room.209 Pratt Hall. All instrumentalists are invited to come! For more information, contact Adrianne Greenbaum at

Early Music Auditions
Auditions for Early Music Ensembles (Collegium, Voces Feminae, Euridice Ensembles) will be held Friday, September 10, Room 210, Pratt Hall, 1–4 pm. Students should sign up for an audition appointment on the bulletin board across from the music office.




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