Breaking the Ice: Water as Art

Joe Alameida created an ice sculpture of an angel fish at MHC November 9 as an appreciative audience looked on.

Photo by Fred LeBlanc.

For visiting assistant professor Emily Monosson's environmental studies class Water in Life, Literature, and Art, which explores humans' intimate relationship with water, artist Joe Alameida created a four-foot-high ice sculpture of an angel fish at MHC November 9. As part of the course, Joseph Smith, assistant professor of art, is introducing students to the use of water in art. He shows slides of sculpture and paintings and talks about the perception of water in art, what it symbolizes, and how it is used as a medium. Says Smith, “We have studied water's molecular structure and its chemistry, but had not had a hands-on experience. The ice sculpture, in a very dramatic way, got us there. We could experience what ice does and the way it behaves through the sculptor's very quick, but subtle, manipulations of form. Also, we saw the transitory nature of water and ice, because it melts, flows, and evaporates pretty fast.” The sculpture was on view on the Blanchard Campus Center patio until nature took its course.



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