Timely Letter to the Editor

A letter by Liddy Gerchman ’02 appeared in the November 8 issue of the New York Times. Gerchman wrote the piece in response to a November 6 Times article titled “Immigrant, Detained for 3 1/2 Years, Emerges From Labyrinth.” “After spending an emotional week volunteering at Freedom House, a refugee center in Detroit, three years ago, I find that I am not startled by Patrick Mkhizi’s story, but it does make me sad,” Gerchman wrote. “The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act has led us to treat our refugees like criminals. At Freedom House, I met a champion soccer player from Angola who spoke five languages fluently, an elderly woman from Sierra Leone who did not know if her children were alive or dead, and a young man who has spent most of his life having his family’s case tried and retried by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. I cannot understand why we would ever want to turn such worthy and talented people away from our ‘golden door’.”



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