Kennan Faculty Chair and Lectureship Established

In recognition of President Elizabeth T. Kennan's seventeen years of service to Mount Holyoke College and to mark her retirement, a faculty chair and a lectureship fund have been established in her honor.

The establishment of the Elizabeth T. Kennan Faculty Chair was announced at a formal retirement dinner attended by trustees, former trustees, and trustee fellows in honor of President Kennan on Friday, May 19. The chair is undesignated; the appointee may be a faculty member in any discipline. One million dollars of a $1.5 million goal has already been raised through contributions by current and former trustees and special friends of the College. The chair will most likely be awarded to a current member of the faculty by the Board of Trustees upon recommendation by the dean of faculty.

The Mount Holyoke College faculty have established an annual lectureship in President Kennan's honor. Intended to enrich the collective life at Mount Holyoke by appealing to the entire College community, the lectureship fund is broadly defined--it will support performances as well as lectures and bring students, faculty, and staff together to enjoy a major writer, thinker, or performer each year.

The faculty sponsors have invited all current and emeritus faculty who have worked with President Kennan over the years to contribute to the fund. According to a letter sent to faculty members in the fall, "Such an event would be an appropriate way to recognize. . .[President Kennan's] own broad interests in the arts and scholarship, and. . .provide an annual occasion when we could come together for a common experience, a feast of the mind and senses." About one hundred faculty have already contributed to the fund. The sponsors expect to accumulate enough funds to provide an income for continuing events. The lectureship was formally announced at an afternoon cocktail party in honor of President Kennan and the fund's contributors on May 24. The first event sponsored by the fund will take place during the 1995-1996 academic year.

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