New Student Timesheet to Streamline Processing

Later this month, in a move to increase efficiency through the use of computer technology, the payroll office will streamline its work by introducing new student timesheets.

Currently, students fill out biweekly time reports. The Payroll Office then sorts these reports--between 1,200 and 1,600 per pay period--by hand and enters them manually into a computer.

The new time report is designed to be scanned directly into a computer, eliminating hand sorting and manual entry. Students will write in their hours and other information, and fill in corresponding circles to be scanned. Supervisors will verify that the timesheets are complete and accurate.

Payroll Supervisor Lorraine Lacasse acknowledges that the new timesheet may take a few more minutes to complete than the old one, but she expects the benefits to outweigh any inconvenience.

The new timesheets will reduce processing from as many as fourteen hours by hand to as few as two hours using the scanning equipment. This anticipated decrease in processing time has already allowed the office to reduce one full-time position to part time (by attrition). In addition, the new system will eliminate errors caused by manual processing.

Lacasse added that she does not expect the transition to the new timesheets to be too difficult because "students are already familiar with scanning forms from taking standardized tests." The office closely observed scanning equipment in use at Smith College before deciding to adopt the new system. Students were consulted for their input during the design phase of the new timesheet.

The new timesheets will go into effect with the pay period that begins February 25. Students and their supervisors should not submit old timesheets after that date.

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