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Traditions and communications--The inauguration of Joanne V. Creighton was celebrated not only by thousands of alumnae and members of Mount Holyoke nation, but by the media as well. A tidal wave of stories about the new president and participating literary luminaries--including Joyce Carol Oates, Suzan-Lori Parks, and Wendy Wasserstein--washed through the local and regional media before and after the grand event. Coverage included stories in the Union News, the Daily Hampshire Gazette, the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, and local and Boston TV and radio stations. In addition, the Associated Press filed a national wire story on the event and President Creighton's inaugural address. One of the best wavelets was a Union News profile in which Parks, Obie award-winning playwright and screen collaborator with Spike Lee, credited the College and professors Mary McHenry and Leah Glasser with her success.

Big mom on campus--The more-than-a-week-long rush of inaugural press activity continued in a Wednesday, May 8, profile in the New York Times of the College and its new president. That story was followed the next day in USA Today by a full, photo-laden Mothers' Day feature on Frances Perkins scholar Jan Field and her undergraduate daughter, Carrianna Field '97. Under the headline "Big Mom on Campus," the two Chelsea, Vermont, natives discussed what it's like to be mother and daughter students at Mount Holyoke. Also featured was Mary Fanelli, a Frances Perkins scholar who graduated last year and now works in the Office of Communications. The story's message: love for the College crosses generational lines.

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