Abstract Paintings Fill Art Museum with Bold Color and Forms

At roughly seven feet by three feet, Katherine Porter's oil Cotapos Arrived in the World is typical of the large, colorful works on display in the Art Museum's new Painting Abstract exhibition.

A major exhibition focusing on three contemporary abstract painters will be on view in the Art Museum's main gallery through December 15. The twenty-one pieces in Painting Abstract: Gregory Amenoff, John L. Moore, Katherine Porter are colorful expressions using dynamic shapes and wild lines in both large-scale paintings and more intimate works on paper. All were created since 1984.

Gregory Amenoff, John L. Moore, and Katherine Porter are among the strongest and most serious practitioners of abstract painting today, and all three have had numerous one-person exhibitions. Painting Abstract, the first opportunity to see their work exhibited together, reveals connections and commonalities as well as differences among the painters. All three artists work in an intuitive, improvisational manner and are deeply involved with the physical process of creating a painting.

Each artist will speak about his or her work on campus this fall. (See CSJ calendars for details.)

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