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Meeting for a good CAUSE--Susan Perry, director of Library, Information, and Technology Services, has been asked to serve as vice chair of the CAUSE annual conference in 1997. The CAUSE association "manages and uses information resources in higher education," and its annual conference is rapidly surpassing EDUCOM as the most popular computing conference for people at academic institutions. Perry will become chair of the 1998 conference.

From Hollywood to Senegal in seven days--Assistant professor of theatre arts Awam Amkpa is editing his documentary film, tentatively titled The Other Day, When You Called ... , which will be part of the Pan-African Film Festival next February. The experimental film, which comments on the globalization of American culture and its spread into postcolonial West Africa, was immediately accepted into the festival. Amkpa explains that his work will examine who goes to the movies in West Africa, what they watch, and why. The pace at which Hollywood movies are made available to cinema audiences in these countries has changed dramatically, according to Amkpa. In years past, it would take a considerable amount of time for American movies to reach West Africa; now the time frame from Hollywood to Senegal is but a week. Amkpa shot footage for his documentary over the summer in Senegal, Ghana, and Burkina Faso (formerly known as Upper Volta), and he is currently busy editing it at Dwight Hall and Hampshire College.

"Swearing" increases on campus--The SGA senate recently joined the ranks of the hundreds of students who seem more prone to swearing this year. But we're not talking four-letter words here. In a campus first, an evening induction ceremony swore in the SGA senators on October 7. Among those who planned to attend the event at Willits-Hallowell were alumnae, staff, and President Creighton. Each senator received the oath of office and--in a process similar to the honor code ceremony held for first-year students during orientation--shook hands with the president and signed her name in a book. The ceremony was followed by a reception and the singing of the alma mater.

Speaking of drugs--Health education coordinator Karen Jacobus and Susan McCarthy, director of the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Project, will be presenters at the New England College Health Association's annual meeting on October 17 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This conference attracts college administrators, health educators, mental health professionals, nurses, physicians, physician assistants, and other health care professionals. Their presentation is titled "Women, Alcohol, and Other Drugs: Gender Differences in College-Age Populations." They will also speak on "An Interdisciplinary Approach to Working with Students: An Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention/Intervention Model--Mount Holyoke College" at the New England College Alcohol Network Conference, to be held at MHC on October 29.

Bringing it all back home--Martha Ackmann, lecturer in women's studies and one of the College's leading scholars on the life of Emily Dickinson, reports that an international organization of Dickinson scholars will convene at Mount Holyoke in August 1999 to hold a major conference on the life and work of the poet who attended Mount Holyoke in 1847-48. While Dickinson of Amherst attended the Mount Holyoke Seminary for only a year, not atypical for students at that time, she would have graduated in 1849. Thus, the 1999 meeting of the Emily Dickinson International Society (EDIS) will mark the 150th anniversary of Dickinson's graduating class. Three hundred to 400 scholars from around the globe are expected to attend. At the last EDIS conference in 1995, Ackmann's lecture presenting new discoveries she had made was called "the highlight of the conference's interest in biography." Currently, she is completing a book on Dickinson's matrilineage. At the annual meeting of EDIS members last June in Amherst, Ackmann delivered a keynote speech on Mary Lyon and Emily Dickinson. Also in June, EDIS leadership decided to hold the 1999 conference here after meeting with President Creighton and Dean Peter Berek. Ackmann will serve as local chair of the conference. The 1999 conference should serve as a perfect vehicle to reassert the College's connection with this preeminent American poet.

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