Want to Spend Less Time Studying? Meet the Study Skills Corps

The Study Skills Corps, a new group of upperclass academic advisers (UAAs) and Frances Perkins scholars, is offering a series of team-taught workshops this fall in three residence halls, according to coordinator Susan Pliner.

<<< Only a few students turned out for the first Study Skills Corps time management workshop, led by (facing camera, center and right) seniors Carrie Austin and Tara Kirkpatrick. Those who couldn't find the, uh, time to attend will have other chances this semester.

Separate workshops in time management, note taking, reading strategies, and test-taking skills will be offered in three residence halls at several dates and times to accommodate students' varied schedules (see CSJ calendars for details). Residents of 1837, Prospect, and Mead Halls won't even have to leave home to attend. The dorms were selected for this pilot program because they house a high proportion of first-year students, but Pliner emphasizes that all students can benefit from the information. "Even the UAAs, who are seniors and among the top students in their departments, left the training sessions saying they could immediately see how this information would help them," Pliner says.

"Even if students are already doing very well at this elite college, there are still ways to hone their skills so they can do even better," she explains. "If you know how to manage time, use texts to your advantage, and take effective notes, you may need less time to study, and studying will be less stressful."

Pliner, who coordinates the program and trained the student workshop leaders, has been teaching study skills at the University of Massachusetts for years. She is also a doctoral candidate there in education. For more information about the Study Skills Corps workshops, call Pliner at x2104 or send email to spliner.

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