Academic Calendars Available

Academic calendars for this year and through 1999-2000 are available on the Web, through any of the links to academic calendars (largely the Campus Information Center section).


Off-Campus Housing Applications

Applications to live off campus for the 1997-98 academic year are available through the Office of the Dean of Students. Completed applications are due by 5 pm on Monday, March 10. Students will be informed in writing by March 14 if they are granted permission. Students must indicate their intent to accept the off-campus housing option in writing by March 26.

Since Mount Holyoke is philosophically committed to a residential experience, it limits the number of students for whom the option is available. Preference is given to upperclasswomen who have lived in residence halls for at least five semesters, or to students with chronic medical conditions that require a different living situation. Contact Elisabeth Hogan at x2104, 113 Blanchard Campus Center, with any questions.

Leave of Absence Deadline for 1997-98 and Fall 1997

March 15 (before break) is the last day to apply for an academic leave of absence for the year 1997-98 or for fall 1997. For study abroad, including Canada, please use the study abroad application available in the Study Abroad Library, 309A Mary Lyon Hall. For study in the United States, please use the academic leave of absence application available in the registrar's office. Students filing a study abroad application do not also file an academic leave of absence application.

Student Teaching Application Packets

All students planning to student-teach in the spring of 1998 (early childhood, elementary, middle, or secondary levels) should pick up an application packet from Gayle Higgins, 303 Reese Building. Completed applications are due back to Gayle Higgins by April 1, 1997. If you have any questions regarding the teacher preparation programs, call Gayle Higgins, x2844, Monday-Friday, 1-5 pm; Sandra Lawrence (middle and secondary levels), x2390; or Anita Page (early childhood and elementary levels), x2189.

Second Half Physical Education Classes

Second half physical education classes begin the week of March 24. Activity begins the first day of class.