Flower Show to Deliver the Sweet Scent of Spring

Spring will come to Mount Holyoke on March 8 ... inside the Talcott Greenhouse, at least. The annual flower show will take the four seasons as its theme this year. It will feature hundreds of spring blooms putting on a colorful display for visitors from 11 am to 4 pm daily, March 8-23. To reach the flower show, turn left immediately after entering the greenhouse and walk into the "show house."

<<< Bring in the spring--Among those re-creating the four seasons inside the Talcott Greenhouse is horticulturist Tom Clark.
To carry out the four seasons motif, horticulturist Ellen Shukis is planning to include within her floral displays many perennials, annuals, and other floral specimens not commonly seen in New England during March. Assisting Shukis in arranging the show are sever- al MHC students, greenhouse supervisor Russ Billings, and horticulturist Tom Clark.

The "winter" section will feature bare branches and an iced-over pond recreated inside the greenhouse, with a trickle of water leading from "winter" into the "spring" section, where it becomes a full-fledged stream.

Representing spring will be hundreds of tulips, crocuses, daffodils, and other popular species of flowering bulbs that carry the smell of the coming season.

"Summer" will be represented with flowers such as anemones, snapdragons, and marigolds that have been "forced" so they will bloom in March.

The "fall" area will be decorated with corn shocks, colored leaves, and autumn flowers such as chrysanthemums.