All about Us: Who's Using ResNet?

According to statistics from Michael Crowley, assistant director of networking for LITS, about 10 percent of eligible students are currently registered for dorm access to the Internet through the new ResNet program.

A total of 737 people live in the eight newly wired student residence halls, and seventy-six of them are currently connected to the Internet from their dorm rooms. Of those "wired" folks, thirty-nine are Macintosh users, thirty-four use Windows, and three use other systems. Additional students, who have not registered for Web use, may be using the system to connect to on-campus computer services.

Porter, Ham, 1837, Brigham, Prospect, Safford, and North and South Rockefeller Halls are currently wired for Internet access; other dorms are scheduled to be similarly equipped this summer.

For more information, enter the command see dataport when logged onto