ResNet Project Complete; All Residence Halls Have Web Access

<<< Donya Williamson '01 is among the MHC students now enjoying the ability to browse the World Wide Web from their own rooms. This is available to all student residence halls now that the ResNet project has been completed.

No more waiting; no more jealousy of friends with Web access in their rooms. The World Wide Web, telephone, email, and cable TV access are now available to every MHC student in her own dorm room. The residential network, or ResNet, project that made this possible was completed by its September deadline, and was hundreds of thousands of dollars under budget, according to Senior Information Technology Planner Paul Dobosh.

Student interest in the new capabilities is growing fast, says Assistant Director for Networking Michael Crowley. Last year eighty-two students signed up. This year, as of September 18, Crowley says 231 students had signed up for ResNet connections using the "ip-request" program, and the number continues to grow.

To take advantage of the new capabilities, students must provide their own computers and buy connection equipment that generally costs less than $100. Instruction handouts on how to connect are available at the LITS help desk in Dwight Hall and on the Web itself at Crowley says, "We've had the kinds of problems you'd expect, but most students connected successfully using the handouts, which get updated based on users' suggestions."

Half the residence halls were wired last summer by Haas Electric and Valley Communications, and the other half were done this summer by Mercury Communications, according to Networking Project Manager Wayne Ball. Most residence halls' systems were "live" by late August, and the last one went online the first week of September, he said.