Ten Things to Try in October

Go ahead, horse around--Visiting the equestrian center is one of the things recommended by current and past students to everyone else at MHC.

(This is part of an occasional series of activities that current and former students say every student should do at least once during her MHC years.)

  1. Climb Mount Holyoke (if you missed it on Mountain Day, check out the foliage this weekend).
  2. See the "ghost room" in Wilder.
  3. Sit by the lake and commune with the ducks. Look for other wildlife all around the lakes (turtles, muskrats, frogs, geese, fish, heron, etc.).
  4. Hop a bus to Boston and explore the city.
  5. Visit the equestrian center (even if you're not a rider).
  6. Explore the library without any class project in mind.
  7. Explore nearby towns (try shopping at Thornes in Northampton).
  8. Help at a local soup kitchen or other volunteer organization.
  9. Howl with the Lunar Howling Society (each night there's a full moon).
  10. Go to an LBA dance. (It doesn't matter what your sexual orientation is; their dances are great.)