[In the News]

MHC women shine in Vanity Fair's "The Women" section In a 103-page special section of the November Vanity Fair on "America's 200 Legends, Leaders, and Trailblazers," Mount Holyoke women are well represented. President Joanne Creighton appears in a group photo of the presidents of the Seven Sisters colleges, along with Nancy J. Vickers '67, president of Bryn Mawr College. And the photo of Pulitzer Prize winner Wendy Wasserstein '71, the first woman to win a Tony award for best play, displays the playwright's characteristic chutzpah.

Vanity Fair introduced the section asking if it is "patronizing, in a so-called postfeminist era, to salute the achievements of American women. Would it be more correct to take them for granted?" Having concluded that kudos are still in order, VF writers noted, "Don't expect the women pictured in the pages here to ever settle down. Their stories have one thing in common: no dull moments. Faced with choices, they have usually wanted everything. And that is what they have often gotten. They are remarkable people whose contributions go beyond gender." Sounds like a good description of many MHC graduates, come to think of it.