Senior Spotlight On October 25&endash;26, the admission office will welcome high school seniors to campus for Senior Spotlight 1998. Prospective students and their parents will have the opportunity to experience our community firsthand. The admission office will "spotlight" academic life, athletic and extracurricular opportunities, and the residential living experience. Spotlight will offer our visitors insight into MHC's offerings and dynamic student body. Students will attend a class, spend the night in the dorms, and attend panels and discussion groups to get a closer look at our community.

Spotlight is a time for the MHC community to come together. While the admission office maintains primary responsibility for Spotlight, success is contingent upon the assistance of faculty, students, and staff. We will call on students to serve as hostesses for our guests, and faculty to participate in panel discussions and to welcome sudents into their classes. The admission staff asks that you mark these dates, October 25 and 26, on your calendar and join us in welcoming these very special visitors.