From Chinese Food to African Dance:

January Term Has Lots to Offer

Since 1972, when the College first offered what was then called Winter Term, students and faculty have utilized January Term as a time to focus on creative and intellectual challenges, experimentation, exploration, and stimulation and as a means of enriching the regular curriculum. This year is no exception. Whether you want to learn about the ancient Phoenicians or stained glass; study and sample regional cuisines of China; or improve your English grammar, public speaking, or tap dancing skills, one of the thirty-two 1999 January Term credit and noncredit courses is sure to whet your intellectual appetite.

Some popular on-campus credit courses include Food in Chinese Culture; The Professional Audition: Getting Cast; Public Speaking; and West African [Dance] Technique. Students in Food in Chinese Culture will examine topics ranging from the relationship between food and medicine to the use of food in religious and ritual life, and will eat three meals at local Chinese restaurants. Asian studies chair and Professor of History Jonathan Lipman and Assistant Professor of Anthropology Beth Notar are teaching the course. Students in the professional audition class, taught by Summer Theatre Associate Producer Susan Greenlee Daniels '79, will present two theatre audition monologues before professional casting directors. Speaking Center Director Donnetrice Barbee will help students in her public-speaking class overcome "speech anxiety" and create persuasive arguments. Visiting Artist in Dance Marilyn Middleton will provide an introduction to West African dance and culture in West African Technique, which has the highest enrollment (26 students) of any course.

A photography class focusing on toy cameras, taught by Hampshire student Allana Tarante; Assistant to the Horticulturist Tom Clark's class on plant propagation; and a class for beginning students of stained glass, taught by Nathalie Degenhardt '99, are attracting the most interest when it comes to noncredit offerings.

While approximately 275 students will participate in these on-campus classes, 35 Glee Club and Concert Choir members will journey to Costa Rica and Florida for a concert tour as part of Coro Mount Holyoke, and close to 30 students will undertake supervised fieldwork in early childhood, elementary, or middle school classrooms. In addition, 125 students will opt for "real life" experience through the January Term Internship Program. Among the internship sites this year are The View, Barbara Walters's new TV show; Glamour magazine; Exxon Corporation in Argentina; New England Medical Center in Boston; and an accounting and civil engineering consulting firm in Bolivia.

Social highlights of J-Term include movie nights at Blanchard, game room tournaments, coffee houses, a party at Blanchard January 22, and bus trips to Boston (January 16) and New York
(January 23).