Third Campus Latina Alumnae Conference to Stress Networking

Eliana Ortega Gonzalez MA '72, namesake of the Latina students' community center, is among the alumnae returning to campus for the third Latina Alumnae Conference. The March 26 - 28 gathering, which is open to the entire campus community, is titled "Strengthening the Bond: The Importance of Latina Networking."

The weekend will feature social events--including dinner with mariachi accompaniment, a cultural show, and a party--as well as workshops and informal talks with alumnae. Eliana Ortega Gonzalez MA '72 and Krysia L. Villon '96 will join students and faculty to discuss the past and present of the Latina presence on campus. Ortega will also give the keynote address, titled "La Unidad--A Transcultural Community."

An informal talk on "Latina Identity in the Workplace" will feature alumnae Naomi M. Barry '96, equal opportunity specialist with the U.S. Department of Labor; Lucy F. Perez FP '90, an English as a second language coordinator at Holyoke Community College; and Mary Ann Villarreal '94, who teaches science at Arizona State University. Another session will acquaint alums and students with networking resources in the Career Development Center and the Alumnae Association's Web pages.

Marissa Nuncio '99 of La Unidad, which organized the conference with the Alumnae Association, says the events are designed "to bring alumnae back to campus to share their experiences and reconnect with current students through workshops and panels." Linking students' achievements with the accomplishments of Latina alumnae is one goal of the conference.

To register for the conference, contact Lynn Marois in the Alumnae Association at x2188.