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Welcome to Vista, a publication produced twice a year and containing timely news and feature articles about Mount Holyoke for a broad audience including prospective and current MHC students; alumnae; MHC faculty and staff; parents of current students; institutional advancement, guidance, and media professionals; and other friends of the College.

Winter 2005, Volume 10, Number 2

Centers of the Universe... Global Explorers... Watt Warrior: Emily Wheeler ’08 ... Translating Ideas into Action: Ludia Morales Cariani ’08... MHC’s Newest Students... News

Spring 2005, Volume 10, Number 1

Hands-on-Deck Learning ... Celestial Navigation 101 ... Ten Things to Do When You're Not in Class ... Students Match Wits at MHC's National Debate Tournament ... News

Winter 2004, Volume 9, Number 2

Working the MHC Network: Lifelong Connections on Campus and Beyond ... Stepping Up to Take the Lead: MHC Helps Young Women Transform Ideals into Action ... Mentors as Motivators: A Q&A with Becky Packard, Ph.D ... The French Connection: With a Little Help from an Alumna in France, Maria Svrckova '05 Lands an Internship with the European Union in Brussels ... Connected to the World ... Second Chances: Sarah Trembley '01 Journeys from Teenage Motherhood to Veterinary Pathology ... News

Spring 2004, Volume 9, Number 1

Women of the World: Educating Students for Global Citizenship... A Q&A with Latvia's Irina Liberman '06 ... In and Out of Africa ... On a Global Mission: Kavita Ramdas '85 Helps Girls and Women Build New Lives by Investing in Their Dreams ... Strokes of Genius: Top Women Golfers to Compete at Mount Holyoke ... Audry Longo '05 Tees Up ... News

Winter 2003, Volume 8, Number 2

Community Building: Mount Holyoke Celebrates New Campus Center ... Students Shape Blueprint for Perfect Campus Center ... Architectural Studies: Building a New Major ... The Sparring Scholar: Looks Can Deceive ... Going For The Gold: Barbara Cassani '82 Leads London's Bid for the 2012 Olympics ... Say Hello to the Class of 2007 ... News

Summer 2003, Volume 8, Number 1

Bearing Fruit--Even Tomatoes: Mount Holyoke's Strategic Plan Yields Success ... Civilization Begins with a Rose--and a Plan ... Botanic Garden as Metaphor ... Leadership and the Liberal Arts: The Weissman Center for Leadership ... Speaking Up for Speaking, Arguing, and Writing ... January Term Internships: From Monkeys to Marketing ... Maps, Memories, and More with the Click of a Mouse ... Sharing Meals and More in the Kosher/Halal Dining Hall ... Putting Tomatoes on the (Genetic) Map ... High-Tech Room Lets Musicians Play in Virtually Any Venue ... Talling Up the Success of the Plan ... Indika Senanayake '03: Transformation through Performance ... A Work of Art on Many Levels: Mount Holyoke, the Mountain ... 'Greening' Mount Holyoke's Curriculum ... Geologist Elizabeth 'Betty' Wilson '72 Brings Energy to J-Term ... Hannah Kolak '03: Her Worlds Collided ... Getting Concrete about Environmental Stewardship ... Everything on Track with Langhan Dee '04 ... On the Mount Holyoke Campaign Trail ... Five College Center Brings People Together through Language ... Reaping the Rewards of The Plan for Mount Holyoke 2003

Spring 2003, Volume 7, Number 3

First-Year Seminars ... Go, Galileo, Go! ... Memory Bandera '04 Speaks for Girls in Zimbabwe ... For 'Polymer Gang,' Bonding is More Than Chemical ... Mapping the Brain's Terrain: Petya Radoeva '03 Explores Vision ... Rachel Brulé '03: Policy Maker in the Making ... News

Fall 2002, Volume 7, Number 2

Getting Physical: By Putting the Sciences Under One Roof, Mount Holyoke Is Multidisciplinary Education Tangible... Eyeing Kendade: Incorporating Scientific Imagery ... Kathryn McMenimen '03 and Her Marvelous Molecule ... Going West: MHC Opens Satellite Admission Office in California ... Leithauser's Darlington's Fall: "Amazing Merger of Art and Science" ... News

Summer 2002, Volume 7, Number 1

Setting Her Sights on Everest: Marjorie M. Cross '65 Reaches Ultimate Goal: "To Inspire" ... New Bates College President Elaine Tuttle Hansen '69: Chaucer, Cosynage, and Criticism of a Literary Kind ... Justice on the Court: MHC's New Leading Scorer ... Making It Their Business to Give Back: MHC's Business and Technology Alumnae
Mentors ... Film Scholar Robin Blaetz Explores the Language of Imagery ... On Broadway with Suzan-Lori Parks '85

Spring 2002, Volume 6, Number 3

Exploring New Frontiers: Computer Research Points Way to Virtual Environments ... Can a Robot Help You Get into Graduate School? ... Found in Space: CEL Spatial Data Server to Inform Students, Faculty, and Administration ... Technology Unlocks Medieval Design Mysteries ... It Was One Whale of an Internship ... Administrative Fellows Learn While They Earn ... News

Fall 2001, Volume 6, Number 2

A Summer Science Program: Why Settle for Lazy, Hazy and Crazy? ... Mentoring with Molluscs and Flexing New Mussels ... Narrowing the Engineering Gender Gap ... Andrea Bill '01: Trailblazer ... Orientation Program Helps New Students Make Friends and Influence People ... Thinking Outside the Box: Mount Holyoke's Decision to Downplay the SAT ... Why Are All the Jews and Muslims Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? ... News

Summer 2001, Volume 6, Number 1

One with Nature: Mount Holyoke's Changing Landscape ... Among the Chosen Few ... Two Generations of DAAD Grant Winners ... Designer Susan Kare '75 Gives Pixels Personality ... Mount Holyoke's Pluralistic Faculty ... Poverty Course Sorts Myth from Reality ... News

Spring 2001, Volume 5, Number 3

January Internships: Finding A Niche ... New Torah Enriches College's Spiritual and Religious Life ... Changing the World, One Teen Leader at a Time ... Role Models Help Students Take a Quantum Leap into Physics ... Becky Wai-Ling Packard: Teaching That No Hurdle's Too High ... Learning About Lasers ... News

Fall/Winter 2000, Volume 5, Number 2

Newcomers Coming Into Their Own: The First Year, A Journey of Self-Discovery ... A Big Dig: Uncovering the Hyde Park Mastodon ... Practice Made Virtually Perfect: New High-Tech Room Enables Students to Play Music in Virtually Any Venue ... Navigating the Undercurrents of Pirate Myth ... "Reality" Economics Class Takes Students Around the Globe ... News

Summer 2000, Volume 5, Number 1

Creative Classrooms: Innovative Ways of Teaching and Learning ... The Classroom As Cinema: Video Microscopy, A New Slant on Home Movies ... From Soup Kitchens To Capitol Hill: Lessons in the Politics of Hunger ... Student By Day, Broadcaster By Night: The Double Life of Gail E. Ballantyne '00 ... Shoot! Score! ... News

Spring 2000, Volume 4, Number 3

Making Headlines: Mount Holyoke College In The Media ... Joanne Creighton: Champion Of The Liberal Arts ... Beverly Daniel Tatum: Building Bridges Across Difference ... Francine Deutsch: Exploring Parenthood and Exploding Myths ... Joseph Ellis: Putting History In Perspective ... Martha Ackmann: Speaking Up For Women ... Christopher Benfey: An Eye For Bringing Artists and Writers Into Focus ... Barbara Cassani '82: Soaring To New Heights ... Students As Newsmakers: From Scholarship Winners To Shot-Putters, MHC Students Are Big News ... Speaking, Arguing and Writing: A Program That Fosters Great Communicators ... News

Fall 1999, Volume 4, Number 2

Beyond The College's Gates: Mount Holyoke's Campus Extends Around the Block and Around the Globe ... Letter From Sarajevo: MHC Alumna Reports From the Front Lines of Peacemaking Efforts ... Poetry In Motion: Student Writers Develop Their Craft Under the Tutelage of Great American Poets ... Getting Bogged Down: Aaron Ellison and Mount Holyoke Students Discover New Ant in Local Bog ... A Cappellooza: Singing In Synch: Where Voices Are Instrumental ... Spreading Mount Holyoke's Word: New Communications Chief Comes Aboard ... News

Summer 1999, Volume 4, Number 1

Build Your Own Major: Self-Designed Majors Help Students Follow Their Bliss ... Taking The Lead: Weissman Center For Leadership Develops Twenty-First Century Movers And Shakers ... This Isn't Rocket Science--Oh Wait, Yes It Is!: Alumnae Work Makes Hubble Space Telescope Bubble ... "Founding Feminists" Discuss "Does Feminism Have A Future?" ... News ... Devil's Advocates, The Art Of Lying, and Other Enticing Course Titles

Spring 1999, Volume 3, Number 4

Why Wait for Graduate School?--Trailblazers Discover Graduate-Level Challenges at Mount Holyoke ... Five-College Dancers Mark Two Decades of Creative Collaboration ... Turning Mount Holyoke "Green": Center for Environmental Literacy Launched ... News ... Valley Arts: A Wealth of Choices ... It Came From Mars!--Geologist Analyzes Martian Meteorites

Winter 1998-99, Volume 3, Number 3

Exercising Mind and Body: A Winning Combination for Mount Holyoke's Student-Athletes ... Call and Response: New Dean of Religious Life Keeps the Protest in Protestant, Promotes Inclusion ... Euro-Paean: Student Intern Helps Europe Convert to a Single Currency ... Hoop Couture: Changing Athletic Fashions ... News: U.S. News Rating, Fundraising Campaign Launched, etc.

Fall 1998, Volume 3, Number 2

From Terror to Triumph: Senior Theses Bring Knowledge and Self-Knowledge ... Black-Capped Chickadees: World-Class Research in the Backyard ... Vanessa Redgrave: From Camelot to Campus ... News: Commencement, Fundraising Awards, etc. ... Email Monikers: What's In a Name?

Summer 1998, Volume 3, Number 1

Changing the Way We Learn: Mount Holyoke Embraces Technology ... Interesting Student Rooms: There's No Place Like These Homes ... A Noble, Nobel Effort to Ban Land Mines ... Vanessa Redgrave: From the London Stage to Our Stage ... Corporate Alumnae Smash the 'Glass Geiling'

Spring 1998, Volume 2, Number 4

An Uncommon Wealth of Nations: Mount Holyoke's International Students Reach Critical Mass ... Cheryl Gittens Turns Trauma into Drama ... Moran on Crime & Punishment ... Joseph Ellis: National Honors ... Present Digs & Past Lifestyles

Winter 1997-98, Volume 2, Number 3

Talking About Race: From Silence to Sincerity ... Alumnae Who Make the News ... People Aren't the Problem ... Better Learning through Slime ... Mary Lyon's Relative Enrolls

Fall 1997, Volume 2, Number 2

First Year Out: The Class of 1996 Gets Its Show on the Road ... Poison Eating Bacteria ... A Winning Equestrian Program ... Putting Frankenstein on CD-ROM ... Campus News: The Plan for 2003

Summer 1997, Volume 2, Number 1

A Second Chance to Shine: The "Before and After" Lives of Mount Holyoke's Older Learners ... Bagpiper Scans the Sky ... Art Historian "Rebuilds" Rome ... Secretary of State Pays a Visit ... Journalist Reports on Her Life

March 1997, Volume 1, Number 4

Making Connections: New Course Reveals the Unified Nature of Science ... Having Words with a Nobel Laureate ... Studying Poland's Evolution Firsthand ... "Sistahs" Revel in Science ... Mary Lyon Enters Webspace ... Campus News

December 1996, Volume 1, Number 3

Stretched for Success: A Bigger, Better Career Development Center Helps Students Get a Life ... Husbands and Housework ... New Kids on the Block ... All in the Family ... A Pregnant Korean Truck Driver? ... Campus News

September 1996, Volume 1, Number 2

Botanic Gardens and Greenhouse ... Answering "Impossible" Questions ... Teaching Tolstoy in Faux Fur ... Student Research ... Campus News

June 1996, Volume 1, Number 1

Inauguration of Joanne Creighton ... Oldest Map of the Americas? ... The President's Plans ... Learning outside the Academy ... Campus News

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