On the Edge

[Christening the Joanne V. Creighton]

Joanne Namia Mania

Usually a president's name isn't bestowed on a campus edifice until she's retired, but MHC students christened a campus structure in Joanne Creighton's name during her first month on campus. When students emerged from second-semester convocation in January--at which Creighton addressed the entire College community for the first time--they seemed inspired by the new president's words as well as the heavy snowfall that evening. Students gathered on the front lawn of the President's House and built her a snowperson, which they dubbed a "snow-Joanne."

A more lasting tribute came in April, when Creighton christened an eight-oared crew shell with her name painted on the hull. She poured champagne and river water over the bow of the sixty-four-foot boat, which was designed specifically for female rowers and has already carried several crews to victory in competition. With any luck, the buoyant Joanne V. Creighton shell should keep Joanne metaphorically afloat even when contemplating the most weighty matters facing a president.

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