Vista:  June 1996, Volume 1, Issue 1

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The Oldest Map of the Americas?

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The President's Plans

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Learning Outside the Academy

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Campus News

What Is This?

Joanne Namia Mania


MAY 5 DAWNED BRIGHT and sunny, with a freshness appropriate to a new presidency. Joanne Creighton has been hard at work leading Mount Holyoke since early January, but in May the worldwide College community turned out in force to install her officially as Mount Holyoke's seventeenth president.

Creighton was fêted in speeches; toasted at receptions; honored with inaugural concerts, readings, and fireworks; and ushered into the College's top slot with all the pomp and circumstance fitting to the office.

Vista's coverage of inaugural celebrations includes excerpts from President Creighton's address at the installation ceremony, a photographic overview of the weekend's activities, and a preview of Creighton's first-year plans and priorities.

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