Vista:  December 1996, Volume 1, Number 3

Husbands and Housework

New Kids on the Block

All in the Family

A Pregnant Korean Truck Driver?



Stretched for Success

Back when "placement offices" handled students' postcollege aspirations, career development was a low-tech, high-stress game that only seniors played. But Mount Holyoke's state-of-the-art Career Development Center (CDC) is changing itself "from students' place of last resort to the place of first resort," according to its director, Philip Jones. "If students come to the CDC early in their college years," he says, "they get to take advantage of everything we offer, which they can't do as seniors in panic."

The campaign to get students into the CDC sooner is working. Staff talked last year with twice as many graduate school hopefuls and aspiring employees as they had just two years ago, including many younger women. So many got the message that the CDC outgrew its quarters in the Groves Health Center.

This past summer, extensive renovations, new equipment, and a 3,850 square-foot addition centralized all career planning activities and transformed the already-strong office into one of the finest career centers at any college or university. (Continued)

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