Vista:  March 1997, Volume 1, Number 4

Bagpiper Scans the Sky

Art Historian "Rebuilds" Rome

Secretary of State Pays a Visit

Journalist Reports on Her Life



Julia Ferrari (above) trained herself as an artist and printer, then returned to college for a foundation in art history and time for her own artistic growth. Ferrari is currently illustrating and printing her own book, Gifts of the Leaves, in the Golgonooza Letter Foundry she runs in New Hampshire.

A Second Chance to Shine

HAZEL ROBINSON just wanted to change her hairstyle, but one trip to a hairdresser in Amherst brought her a new lifestyle as well. A chance meeting with associate dean of studies Ruth Bass Green at the hairdresser led Robinson, who is forty-seven, to stop thinking of Mount Holyoke only as a place her daughter might attend and start thinking of it as a place she could finish her degree. "I'd driven by the campus many times, but always thought of it as Harvard: totally out of my reach even though I was a good student," Robinson recalls. But Green planted the seed of an idea, and soon Robinson was thinking, "I survived all these other things, why can't I go to this school?"(Continued)

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