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What's Important to New Students?
A RE MHC WOMEN typical or atypical of other new students across the country? A nationwide survey conducted by the UCLA Higher Education Research Institute reveals much about students' goals and priorities.

* MHC students are typical in the extent to which they have: studied with other students, frequently socialized with people of different ethnic groups, and drunk wine or liquor.

* MHC students are more likely to have: tutored another student, frequently felt overwhelmed, performed volunteer work, frequently discussed politics, and played a musical instrument.

* MHC students are less likely to have: participated in demonstrations, smoked cigarettes, and drunk beer.

* MHC students are more likely to rank as "essential" or "very important" these items: influencing the political structure, writing original works (such as poems and novels), being involved in a program for cleaning up the environment, helping to promote racial understanding, participating in a community-action program, developing a meaningful philosophy of life, and keeping up-to-date with political affairs.

* MHC students are less likely to rank as "essential" or "very important" these items: being well off financially, becoming successful in their own business, raising a family, and having administrative responsibility for the work of others.

* Also, 94 percent of the class expect to go on to get a further degree, 62 percent of the class expect to get a doctorate, and 69 percent say the chances are very good that they will be satisfied with college.

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