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Build Your Own Major
Build Your Own Major

Taking The Lead
Taking The Lead: The Weissman Center For Leadership

This Isn't Rocket Science...Oh Wait, Yes It Is!
This Isn't Rocket Science...Oh Wait, Yes It Is!

"Founding Feminists" Discuss "Does Feminism Have A Future?"

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No matter how much work a professor puts into a course, it doesn't pay off unless students sign up for it. How to make a class stand out among the College's 600 or so course offerings? Try a snappy title. See if you can match the first and second parts of each course title.


1. Gods and Mortals

2. Doing It

3. The Voice of the Self

4. Modern Alternatives to Realism

5. Roads from Xanadu

6. The Art of Lying

7. Love and Seduction Rococo Style

8. Devil's Advocates

9. Spectres, Monsters, and the Mind

10. Talking about a Revolution

11. "Les Miz" and "Les Media"

12. Frankenstein Meets Multimedia

A. History 10: Intellectuals in Modern China

B. English 345: Nineteenth-Century Poetry and Prose II: The Victorian Period

C. Russian and Eurasian Studies 260: Decadence and Its Precursors in France and Russia

D. Classics 102: Myth in Ancient Art and Literature

E. English 337: Writing Autobiography

F. French 311: Period Courses

G. English 375: Themes

H. German Studies 231: The Gothic and Grotesque in Anglo-German Film and Literature

I. Dance 109: Creativity, Performance, and the Liberal Arts

J. History 255: Ideas and Society in Modern Europe--Representations and Realities in the France of Les Miserables

K. English 264: Surreal, Supernatural, and Science Fiction

L. History 257: Computing Applications in History and the Humanities


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