acts of reconstruction

Mount Holyoke College

Weissman Center for Leadership
and the Liberal Arts

Spring 2006

An Overview

Acts of Reconstruction, the 2006 spring series of the Weissman Center, will explore the provocative ways in which land, history, law, art, and society have been transformed, challenged, threatened, and protected as a result of acts of reconstruction.

This spring, we will consider the kinds of tools, agendas, and innovation that are required to reconstruct the past. Artists, politicians, writers, lawyers, scholars, and activists will lead our discussions about acts of reconstruction that have restored domestic stability, impacted social order, reshaped national identities, revealed creative genius, and resulted in restitution that has long been denied.

Throughout the semester, the series will address the celebratory, mournful, controversial, and vital aspects of reconstruction. Panel discussions, lectures, student seminars, and the May symposium will consider the kinds of tools, agendas, passions, and innovations needed to perform acts of reconstruction.

Trisha Brown, the renowned American dance choreographer, will open the series with a lecture about Set and Reset, an innovative dance that will be performed here in the Valley as part of a dynamic collaboration between the Trisha Brown Dance Company and the Five College Dance Department. Additional events include the debut of an original play and the Weissman Center’s first commissioned play. In collaboration with the Theatre Department, the Center will present the work of playwright Zakiyyah Alexander. A visiting lecturer this spring in this MHC Theatre Department, Alexander will present an absorbing work on the historical American period of Reconstruction. The final event in the series, Recalling History: Symposium on Women and American Memories will feature Thulani Davis, writer and playwright, as the keynote lecturer.

Free and open to the public. Admission charge for Rooke Theatre.