acts of reconstruction

Mount Holyoke College

Weissman Center for Leadership
and the Liberal Arts

Spring 2006

Reconstruction and the Arts: Set & Reset with Trisha Brown

Trisha Brown, the acclaimed choreographer, and the founder and long-time Artistic Director of the Trisha Brown Dance Company, will deliver the opening lecture in the Acts of Reconstruction spring series.

Join us for an illuminating discussion about dance, the body, design, and choreography. Brown will focus on Set and Reset, a masterpiece created first in 1983 that established Brown as a pioneering force in postmodern dance and a leader in abstract choreography. Set and Reset has become one of Brown’s most compelling and well-known pieces. It has been hailed for its explorations of visibility and invisibility, its flirtations with the boundaries of the stage, and its evocative costumes.

Set and Reset is an innovative project of restaging that provides student dancers with an intriguing opportunity for immersion into Brown’s choreographic process. This spring, members of the Five-College Dance Department will perform the piece and experience first-hand the challenge and transcendence of Brown’s artistic vision.


Event Details

Date: Friday, February 10

Time: 4:30 PM

Speaker: Trisha Brown

Place: Art Building, Gamble Auditorium, Mount Holyoke College

Admission:Free and open to the public.


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