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Mount Holyoke College

Weissman Center for Leadership
and the Liberal Arts

Spring 2006


Guest Speaker Information and Publications

Reconstruction and the Arts: Set and Reset with Trisha Brown
Friday, February 10, 4:30 PM, Gamble Auditorium
The Trisha Brown Dance Company Official Website:
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Murphy, Ann. Trisha Brown in conversation with critic Joan Acocella. Dance View Times. (February 24, 2005)
Un/Natural Intervention: Changed Lands and Transformed Lives
Thursday, February 23, 7:30 PM, Gamble Auditorium
Coal River Mountain Watch:
Cowan, Alison Leigh. Warmth, Power, Blood and Smoke. NY Times: "Off the Shelf" (Dec. 8, 2002)
Democracy Now: Whistleblower Warns the Bush Administration is Cutting Back Mining Safety Regulations. (Jan 2006)
Freese, Barbara. Coal: A Human History (Perseus Books Group, 2003)
Kentucky Commonwealth News Center: Governor Fletcher Announces Mine Safety Initiatives (Jan 2006)
Pridemore, Amelia. Environment groups report vandalism, harassment. Sludge Safety Project (June 2005)
Robin Webb, Kentucky Legislature:
Union of Concerned Scienists USA:
Reconstruction and Restitution: Civil Rights and Lasting Wrongs
Thursday, March 9, 7:30 PM, Gamble Auditorium
James Earl Chaney Foundation:
Fireside, Harvey. The Mississippi Burning Civil Rights Murder Conspiracy Trial: A Headline Court Case (Headline Court Cases). (Enslow Publishers, 2002)
Ball, Howard. Murder in Mississippi: United States v. Price and the Struggle for Civil Rights. (Univ. Press of Kansas, 2004)

Orr-Klopfer, Susan.The Emmett Till Book. (Lulu Press, 2005)
Dramas of Post-Civil War America: Sweet Maladies. An original and commissioned play by Zakiyyah Alexander
Wednesday April 26 - Sunday April 30, 8 PM, April 26-29 and 2 PM, April 29-30, Rooke Theatre
New Dramatists – Zakiyyah Alexander

New York Theater – Play Review on Blurring Shine ( (2003)

Brown, Joshua and Foner, Eric. Forever Free: The Story of Emancipation and Reconstruction (Knopf Publishing, 2005)*

Foner, Eric. Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution, 1863-1877 (Harper Perennial Modern Classics, 2002)*

American Experience - Reconstruction the Second Civil War

Dublin, Thomas and Sklar, Kathryn K. Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1830 – 1930.

O'Hehir, Andrew. Freedom and Equality: Un-American Activities.

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Schwalm, Leslie. A Hard Fight for We: Women's Transition from Slavery to Freedom in South Carolina (University of Illinois Press, 1997)*

The African - American Mosaic. Abolition (
Recalling History: A Symposium on Women and American Memories
Friday, May 5 - Saturday, May 6

Ellen Craft: Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom
Marcia Estabrook, dramatic performance

Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom, or The Escape of William and Ellen Craft from Slavery, by John Ernest and William Craft (editor)

Two Tickets to Freedom: The True Story of Ellen and William Craftgitive Slaves, By Florence B. Freeman

Ellen Craft: Self-Emancipated Woman. Marcia Estabrook, reenactor, Characters Educational Theater

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Women Recalling the Past: Facts and Fictions
Kartherine Butler-Jones and Louise Knight

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The History Makers. Katherine Butler Jones Biography. akers

Jones, Katherine Butler. American Visions: Garnets, Diamonds and other Black Jewels – The 1842 Wedding Certificate of an Ancestor named Diamond signed by the Abolitionist Bishop Henry Highland Garnet’ led to a search for a Black Family’s Roots.

Reflections on Memoir and Kin
Thulani Davis, Keynote Speaker

Davis, Thulani. Official Thulani Davis Website.

Davis, Thulani. My Confederate Kinfolk. The Clarion Ledger. (January 17, 2006)

Gordon, Ed. NPR: Black Author Examines Confederate Kinfolk. (February 14, 2006)
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Yankee Pride and Prejudice: Slavery in New England
Katrina Browne, Anne Farrow, and Jennifer Frank

Traces of the Trade Official Website:

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Material Evidence: Women and the Tangible Past
Margaret Bruchac, L’Merchie Frazier, and Deborah Roth-Howe

Museum of Afro-American History.
Underground Railroad Quilt Codes Examined.

African American Quilts. The Power of Quilts – L’Merchie Frazier.

Mint Museum of Craft & Design. Spirit of the Cloth: Contemporary Quilts by African American Artists.

The Ndakinna Education Center.

Wabanaki Artists. Mararget Bruchac Biography. (May 2005) ba/wa_02.html

Old Deerfield Museum. Native American History.

Hatikvah Holocaust Education Center in Springfield.

Sullivan, Tracy. Hatikvah Dedication. The Jewish Ledger. (November 12, 2004)

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Mount Holyoke College: Mission and Memories
Robert Schwartz, Professor of History, Mount Holyoke College
and students enrolled in ‘A Cultural and Environmental History of the Mount Holyoke College Campus’

Mount Holyoke College. Faculty Profile: Robert Schwartz.

Mount Holyoke Historical Atlas.