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Fall 2005

Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid School in America

Five years of research and first-hand study of nearly sixty schools have prompted Jonathan Kozol, the highly regarded and persuasive scholar of American culture and education, to conclude that there is an insidious and steady restoration of apartheid schooling in the American public schools system.

What is it that enables educational segregation? Are there specific policies that facilitate what Kozol boldly regards as the “cognitive decapitation” of many students of color? How might this nation establish and secure vital educational equity and institutional justice for all?

Kozol, who describes himself as one who bears witness to the plight of children, is a teacher and an inspired writer. His most recent work, Shame of the Nation, confirms chilling realities about the status of children in American public schools and illuminates the compelling public imperatives that may elicit much needed intervention and reform.

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Event Details

Date: Tuesday, October 25

Time: 7:00 PM

Speaker: Jonathon Kozol

Place: Chapin Auditorium, Mount Holyoke College

Admission: Free and open to the public.


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