Campus Updates

Visit the campus updates page for information on Mount Holyoke's response to the global pandemic. The Opening the Gates site contains details about the spring semester.

Mount Holyoke College
Opening the Gates


Mount Holyoke is committed to the health and safety of all community members and recognizes the dedication and commitment of its employees. Information about resources and other College support can be found in the Human Resources section of my.mtholyoke.

Working on campus

In order to create the space and distancing needed on campus at this time, employees who can continue to do their work remotely will continue to do so indefinitely. Employees whose work requires them to be on campus are supported fully by our asymptomatic testing program and other health and safety measures. Supervisors will notify employees working remotely when it’s time for them to return to campus. They will also alert employees who have been on furlough when they should return to work. Supervisors will communicate any changes to current work situations to the employee, Human Resources and the MHC Testing Center.  

Employees who are returning to campus must be assessed for the College’s testing program. They must also review the information and protocols in my.mtholyoke.

The College began an asymptomatic testing program in August 2020, conducted in collaboration with the Broad Institute of Cambridge. The College’s testing facility oversees self-administered COVID-19 tests four days per week.

Any faculty or staff member whose on-campus work schedule is changing must complete a form that indicates whether the faculty or staff member will test once, twice, or zero times per week and solicit input on their preferred day(s). This form will be available by November 12 on the Human Resources section of my.mtholyoke and should be completed by December 15 for those returning to campus in January.   

The testing center is located in Carr Hall via the Gateway Road entrance. OneCards are required to verify identity. Initially, most employees requiring testing will be automatically scheduled for testing appointments during their regular working hours and informed of their testing reservation by Human Resources or their supervisor. 

Getting results

A web-based platform is used for all test results. A notice to create an account and login will be provided after the first test result arrives (currently, within 24–48 hours after the test). Occasionally a test is not processed by the lab, typically due to issues related to handling. These are labeled as invalid and an email with results will not be sent. In the event an employee tests positive they will be contacted directly by Health Services staff to discuss next steps and isolation protocols.

Testing questions

A direct supervisor is the best resource for specific information about testing requirements. Employees can also contact Human Resources or email

Every member of the College community is asked to sign our Community Compact. It includes information about personal and group accountability, and outlines each person’s accountability for the requirements listed. The link to the Community Compact for Employees requires a login.

Personal travel

Mount Holyoke faculty and staff are required to register all travel. Mandatory registration allows the College to support contact tracing efforts, as required by our community compacts. We recommend that employees not undertake nonessential personal travel of any kind, international or domestic.

College-sponsored travel

Most College-sponsored travel is suspended. In the event that a critical business function requires travel, advance approval by a vice president or the president is required.

Domestic travel 

The following restrictions are in place until further notice:

  • All College-sponsored nonessential domestic travel to destinations more than 100 miles from campus is suspended. Essential activities are, generally, those that are critical to business continuation. Nonessential business activities may include, but are not limited to, travel for professional conferences and meetings, research presentations and curricular or cocurricular activities. 
  • No College-sponsored group travel outside of a 100-mile radius of campus is permitted. For this purpose, a group is defined as five people or more. Athletic competitions with special permission are currently exempt from this travel restriction.

International travel

All College-sponsored international travel is suspended through December 31, 2020, regardless of the destination.

All meetings and events must follow meeting and event policy and procedures. Policies are subject to review and may be updated at any time.